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Default Hello My Friends in Paintball

Hi, AKA here, I know he's been MAST!(missing at splat tag).
Although I am sorry about that for many reasons, but my post here is merely about our Forum.
I have been one of the Biggest promoters of Forums since the early 2000's sad to say, but I am taking some time tonight to re-promote our Forum home. Lets just all say what a pleasure it has been to have had such a place to come to to see whats's up, to see each other and to see the memorable things we have done over the years. I remember times when I would spend hours looking through replies, pictures, and Links.
I get pumped up at times when I get ready to play Some Game! That is why I am here tonight, I am coming out on July 27th, and will be trying to re-live those days when we were Alive and Writing to the MSPG!/AKA
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